Feb 25, 2016

“The money issue”
- Kirill Kedrinski , Life Philosophy


In this post there will be no tips and no equipment reviews. I will not be telling you how to make another great shot.

But I will tell you about an observation I made regarding money and income.

I live in Novosibirsk. Currently, a monthly salary of $700 in my city is considered to be very good, especially for people under 25 years of age. However, for those who are older - for many of them this salary is also attractive. And for some it is just a dream.

So, do you think $700 per month is good money? Many people with such an income own a car and look pretty happy and confident.

But let's count.

Usually, a person's time in employment is 45 years. Most people get their first job when they are 20. They retire at the age of 65. Of course, some work from childhood until the very end, but we will consider what happens to an average person. It's clear that not everyone is able to earn $700 early in their career, and some are not able to earn such money in the end also. They reach their peak salary between the ages of 45-55 years. I may be mistaken with the numbers that change depending on the fields where people work, but the main idea of this post would not change because of that. Besides, you can always project the article on yourself and make your own calculations based on your income.


So, the average $700 make $8 400 per year and $378 000 for the whole career. Let's add other possible bonuses, winnings, and other accidental income and increase the prize to $400 000. Great money, if you receive it immediately or in a short period of time! However, we are talking about getting it in more than 40 years. Not as fun, right?


Now let's think about the expenses. They would include paying for an apartment, food, clothes, travel and entertainment, family expenses and so on.

About $200 would be spent on food monthly. That's roughly $50 a week. There is a very low probability of you spending less than that with the current prices. 

For the whole working life it is about $100 000. There is another $300 000 left. 

Entertainment, health, education, clothes... Many of these are not things that you regularly spend on, but on average, I think you can lay aside $200 a month for them.

So, another $100 000 and we have $200 000 left. (Turns out to be much less in reality).

Together with your other half, you share the expenses for upbringing children. You will have $150 000 thereafter. At best, of course - if you have no experience, you'd be saving on school uniform, tuition fees for uni, your children asking you to buy an iPad and other children's "jokes".

In addition, in the 45 years you would probably need to buy several computers and other gadgets, to go to Turkey or Asia, have a party with friends, or maybe you still smoke? Well, that's another $50 000 for "investment".


And so, after a very rough but necessary calculation, we came to the conclusion that you have $100 000 left after the 45 years of working. Please, note that all calculations have been conducted with the lowest possible prices, without taking into account the crisis, the high value of currency, many expenses that you have.


What do you think about this sum of money? It is possible to buy a decent car or a small apartment in the city. Or build a small house. And that's what you worked 45 years, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day for? Maybe more, because we added some bonus money, but you got to earn it as well!

Of course, these estimates are only general. They are unlikely to describe accurately the lives of everyone. However, they very clearly convey the essence of my thoughts. I'm talking about the fact that if you are employed in a typical office, where nobody is interested in your development, then the chances are that you are wasting your life, and for all the time that you give to someone else - boss, owners of the company you work for, you will get nothing! You will have almost nothing to enjoy in the end. It's not right. So I hope that I motivated you by this post to go looking for ways of improvement and development. To find a way out of this situation and find ways to earn more, to keep improving constantly and to increase your income in order to live Your life the way You want and not be other people's slave.

Yes, technically, slavery was abolished a long time. But is the fact that after the 45 years of hard work you will get almost nothing not slavery?

Keeping this in mind, I was trying hard to avoid such a situation in Milles company. Because I also work with people, whom I hired, but I absolutely don't want to make slaves out of them! Thank God, we managed to develop such a model of cooperation where each and every one of our employees has the opportunity for almost endless development. Both professional and financial. Not everyone would want to use this opportunity, but many appreciate these opportunities and grow together with the company, for what I'm very grateful.

To round up, first of all, I wish you to be in great health. That's the main thing. It is something that you cannot always buy. Health and love, everything else can be earned! Secondly, those who have not yet started their own undertaking, and have not yet realized what I was talking about, I wish you luck and strength to take your life in your own hands as soon as possible. And thirdly, if you do not have the opportunity to work for yourself, find a place of work, where you will be really cared about!

And anyway, I wish everyone happiness, success and longevity to enjoy life. It is beautiful!