Feb 25, 2016

“How to earn money to buy equipment”
- Kirill Kedrinski , Life Philosophy


This article would be useful for those photographers who have just started and want to buy their first set of lighting equipment. The post would also interest those who would like to quickly upgrade to a more serious equipment. And even those who have already succeeded can find interesting points in this post that would help get even higher up the ladder of success. Anyway, this article is equally useful for people of different professions. This post is more about life than about photography.

So. These are some thoughts on how to earn money and not waste them.

Many people, especially artistic people, are familiar with the fact that money is not always willing to stay in their pockets, purses or bank accounts. No matter how much a person earns. As your income rises, so does the amount that you spend. Once, when I was making 150-200 USD per month, I thought: "As soon as I'd be getting 300$ or even 500$, that's it! My dreams will come true!” Then, after a year or two, I started receiving about 400 USD a month, but nothing changed. I thought that when I'm earning 1500 USD, it would be enough for everything I need. It was foolish of me to think that! I was wrong...

What really happens is that with the growing income, you do not always have more money. You start eating more expensive food, wear better clothes, go out more... Buy expensive things and spend money on something that you wouldn't have spent it on before.


As a result, many remain on the same level. If we consider specifically photographers, sometimes it happens so that the income has grown substantially, and technical equipment has not improved. This is a big mistake, because growing technically, as well as professionally, opens up more opportunities. And if there is a stagnation, you risk losing your market share and putting others ahead of you.


This is a psychological aspect, I guess. "It's time to spend some money on myself. I haven't been working my butt off for nothing, eh?!" Well, most of the times it's a right thing to do. Otherwise, you would just lose your motivation to work. Sounds familiar? However, the main thing here is not to overdo it. So I put forward the solution explained below.

You can calculate your income and expenses, make necessary adjustments and get on with improving your financial situation.

Let's start with those who are just planning the purchase of equipment for getting good shots.

Let's say you have a job or just an income. You get 600 – 700 $ a month. This is typical of young men and women in a fairly large city of Russia. Residents of other cities, capitals or small villages can make the necessary alterations according to their status. Most likely, you live with your parents or rent some affordable dwelling. So let's map out your finances:

  • 200$ - food
  • 70$ - other daily needs like Internet payments, housing costs
  • 150$ - we leave for ourselves
  • 150$ - put in a bank deposit. It is not profitable to keep money under your pillow because there is always a chance you might spend it on something tempting.

​You can save from 10 to 70 percent of your monthly income, depending on your life situation. The optimal value in my opinion is 25-30%. Great, if it can go up to 50%.

The more you can save, the faster you earn money and the better your options when selecting equipment.

 In reality, this solution is not new, but in Russia it is still not particularly common.

In a year a person in a similar situation would save 2000$ + bank interest. This would result in about 2300$. This is almost enough to buy a good camera and beginner-level lenses. Especially if you sell the one that you have and add it to your savings. If you are able to save more, you have great chances of buying professional equipment in a year!

Another bonus would be giving up alcohol. On average, it would bring about 700$ more a year. Quitting smoking - more than 800$. Thus, you are ready to buy a full frame Nikon and you'll have to pull your socks up a little more for lenses. Cutting out clubbing, visiting cafes regularly, spontaneous shopping and things like that would help fulfill this task.

You see that everything depends on you. If you learn to manage your money and plan your budget, you will be able to grow faster.


Remember - what you do now and others do not, soon will allow you to live in a way others simply cannot!


As for me personally. For about 3 years or more I was living more than modestly. Despite the fact that when I was twenty something years old, I was already earning several times more than the average salary in my city, I could be eating just dumplings for a long time. And even when I switched to normal food like salads, soups, meat and so on, I never ceased to give up a lot. For example, I almost never bought myself any new clothes, especially expensive ones. Not been on a vacation. Almost didn't go to the cinema or cafes.

To many of you, dear readers, it may seem that this is all weird and extreme. You ought to live now, not tomorrow. Yes, this is also a kind of philosophy. However, my task in this blog is to help you earn more in photography.

In this regard, I can say that my philosophy - total temporary commitment, works well, if you thoughtfully use the money that you get in the end. Proof for all this, perhaps, may be the fact that I now have a great team, that I am proud of, a beautiful studio right in the centre of the city, in which you can create photographs of the highest level and much more.