Feb 26, 2016

“Health points”
- Kirill Kedrinski , Life Philosophy


For any business or personal development you primarily need health.

Some time ago I formed my own theory about health that I want to share it with you. It would certainly interest you.

It all started when I decided to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. It was pretty easy to make this decision but difficult to follow. Along the way, I asked different people why they don't do the same thing. Naturally, among the answers I came across the standard excuses - I like to smoke, drinking is my way of coping with stress, etc. But there were also unusual responses, like: " I want to quit, but I'm just too weak to actually do it".

What really caught my attention were people's thoughts about different people who live in the mountains, inhabitants of exotic countries, who manage to live a happy long life regularly smoking and consuming alcohol, and they do live up to over a hundred. This is the hint that smoking and drinking do not affect health or affect it only slightly.


In the course of thinking about these silly conclusions I came up with an idea of how and why it happens that some smoke and drink strong alcohol all their life and live a hundred years, but others may never drink or smoke, but live the standard 65-75 years or less.


Here's my theory - Points of health.

Each of us is born with a set of health points. The number of these points depends on genetic characteristics, lifestyle, ancestors, course of pregnancy and other factors, including random ones.

After birth we have something that adds to these points and that takes points away.

For example: time, fatty and fried foods, smoking, drugs, bad ecology, stress, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, lack of natural foods, pesticides and so on, are factors that take away precious points. Fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, red fish, olive oil, exercise, fresh air, and other cool stuff - all of this adds points of health.

Thus, throughout life the amount of health points change. When it falls critically, you know what happens. Therefore, we have to fight for the increase of health points by controlling our lifestyle and doctors – by finding new ways to cure people.


The men of the mountains breathe fresh air, do not know of problems with urban ecology, consume natural dairy products and other nutritious foods. This just adds them a huge amount of health points, so when they spend points on such things as smoking, they still have a decent amount of points left. However, if they kept these points, most likely they would not run out of them for an even longer period of time.


Urban residents are under the influence of numerous negative factors already, without the additional harmful habits. Including, the high stress loads.

From this follows the explanation why there is such a difference in the impact of harmful habits.

I hope that this article will help you pay more attention to yourself and your health. I wish you to get as many health points every day as possible and spend them as little as possible! Remember: you cannot always buy health, and if you can, it turns out to be very expensive. It is much more difficult, but cheaper and more efficient to take care of oneself in advance, occasionally allowing various weaknesses, but leading a healthy lifestyle overall!