Jan 27, 2016

“Uploading to Shutterstock - Envoys”
- Kirill Kedrinski , Photostock


First, let's define the term "Envoy". This is the photo uploaded a few days before loading the main batch of photos.

This method is used by many Shutterstock contributors. The thing is that a photo gets its own serial number in the stock database immediately after being uploaded, and not after being verified by the inspector. Thus, the images that have not been approved also get a number. When the work is moderated and gets into the database, it will come after the photos that have been uploaded later in the list of new works. So the chance that it will be seen is less. All the photos in a batch that are in queue from one author are inspected and approved at the same time at Shutterstock.

This is what many Stockers use. Applying the "Envoy" method is like getting one picture in the queue for inspection, and after guessing the day of inspection uploading the other photos. They are assigned newer numbers and after inspection the photos turn out to be higher in the list of new images.

I used to neglect this method. In my opinion it is better to just regularly upload photos and work for the benefit of your portfolio, rather than make a fuss about such insignificant  things. On the other hand, this method is not time-consuming and does not cause a lot of trouble, so why not?

I decided to try, and meanwhile I can not say that I have noticed tremendous changes; however, I think thу trick is justified and I recommend you to use it. Especially if you are a beginner - then all the ways to increase sales are worth trying, even the most bizarre, due to the fact that every sale counts and gives a definite step forward.

At different times and with different authors, experience shows, uploading takes different amounts of time. But on average the "Envoy" is submitted on Friday, and the rest of the work on Sunday. Then on Monday or Tuesday photos will be approved and be available for download.

Remember, it is always better for your works to get into the database in the beginning of the week, because then they have more chances to be seen and bought by lots of people. This means that they will remain in the top by popularity. Weekend sales are always less. Therefore, your work is more likely to "drown" in millions of photos and not be seen by anyone.