Jan 27, 2016

“Easy Parking”
- Kirill Kedrinski , Lifehack


Not so long ago, I came up with a lifehack and decided to share it with you (though, maybe everybody knows about it apart from me, and I decided that I thought of it myself). For those who don't know, a lifehack is something like a way/ tool/ technique/ trick, etc., used to simplify life in general and achieve concrete results.

So. Quite often, many people have to park their car in an inconvenient place. It can be parallel on-street parking or regular parking. In any case, you have a limited space where you want to fit and not damage your own and other people's vehicles. Cameras, sensors and other equipment is used for this purpose. But not everyone has these devices! Then people are forced to stick their heads out the window or even get out of the car to see how far they can move before the obstacle.

If you often come across such a situation, here's a life hack!

Just find yourself in a reflection! It can be a nearby car, a shop window - any clean reflective surface where you can see your car's reflection. When I park and there are clean cars around, I always look at them and without any problem see how I park. It allows me not to twist my head and not lean out of the car. Almost always you can perfectly see the distance to a curb or wall, or to other cars. Even better you can see your own manouvres in shiny business centres and other similar structures.

Of course, this method does not always work, and on a rainy autumn day it is difficult to find a clean car in a parking lot. However, if you are lucky enough to Park between glossy cars  - feel free to use this life hack! Tested numerous times.

Nevertheless, caution is also good, so never take a risk, if not confident in yourself!